When you create an order to buy or sell bitcoins in 1BTCXE, our exchange platform will attempt to exchange the specified amount of bitcoins for the specified amount of fiat currency or vice-versa. If there is enough of the specified currency on offer, a transaction will be made and you will be credited for the full amount that you attempted to buy or sell. If there isn't enough of the specified currency on offer, an open order will be created for the outstanding (unfulfilled) amount. This order will be in our order book until somebody else offers to buy/sell the outstanding amount by making a corresponding order of his/her own. Therefore, orders may be partially fulfilled. 

If "buy/sell at market price" is selected when creating a new order, our system will constantly adjust the price of your order to correspond to the current market price at 1BTCXE.

Open orders (or their unfulfilled portions) may be edited or canceled as long as they are outstanding.