Bitcoin Funding:

You can fund your account with Bitcoin by visiting the deposit page and following the instructions. You can also manage and obtain alternative Bitcoin addresses for your account by visiting the bitcoin addresses page. You may only obtain one new address every 24 hours.

Fiat Currency Funding:

All accounts can hold Fiat currency from the time they are created. In order to fund your account with Fiat currency you must open an account with Crypto Capital Corp (CCC). This will allow you to fund your accounts with most major currencies.


After you have set up your CCC account and transferred funds into it, you can associate it with your 1BTCXE account by visiting the bank accounts page in your account and following the instructions there. Please be sure to enter the number of your CCC account correctly.


Once you have followed these steps, you can fund your 1BTCXE account by visiting the deposit page and following the instructions there.